Belgian aquaculture mussels have been farmed in the offshore wind farms Parkwind and C-Power: a world first!

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Belgian offshore platform

The Belgian Offshore Platform (BOP) is a non-profit association of investors and owners of wind farms in the Belgian part of the North Sea. The BOP was founded in 2011 to advocate the development of wind energy in the Belgian waters of the North Sea. Offshore wind energy currently has 1,186 MW of installed capacity, which contributes 5% of the total demand for electricity in Belgium today. By 2020, this will rise to an installed capacity of 2,262 MW and 10% of the total demand for electricity, or an average of 8 TWh per annum. Beyond 2020, the capacity of offshore wind energy could be developed further to deliver 20% of the total demand for electricity.


With 1186 MW of capacity already generated by installed turbines, the Belgian offshore wind sector makes a significant and guaranteed contribution towards security of supply.

International & export

The experience gained during the realization of the first offshore wind parks in Belgium has made it possible for many companies to develop innovative techniques and export them abroad.

Sustainable enterprise

Offshore wind energy is an indispensible element in the Belgian climate plan: without the large wind turbines off our North Sea coast, it will be impossible for Belgium to reach its European targets.

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