Pictogram boat between offshore wind turbines

Find out more about Offshore Wind

Take a closer look at the wind turbines in the Belgian North Sea

Offshore wind energy in the Belgian North Sea amounts today to an installed capacity of 2,262 MW. This can generate an average of 8 TWh of green electricity per year, which is about 10% of the total electricity demand in Belgium. By 2030, the offshore wind capacity in the North Sea will continue to grow to 6-8 GW, which will cover about 30% of the electricity demand with wind energy in the Belgian North Sea.

Offshore wind is a building block of the Belgian energy transition. If you, your organisation or your class would like to learn more about it, workshops and visits are organised throughout Belgium. Discover the different activities below.

Wind energy: a sea of possibilities

Want to know more about the history of wind energy in the Belgian North Sea, its current situation and its future challenges? 

Visit the Belgian offshore wind farms

Want to take a closer look at offshore wind farms? Various companies are organising visits up to 30 km out to sea. Here are two of them:

Technopolis - Sea Force

Discover the sea as an important source of sustainable food and renewable energy in an immersive zone within Technopolis.

Zeewind - digital teaching kit on offshore wind energy

An introduction to offshore wind energy in the North Sea for 10-14 year-olds in 2 lessons (basic / advanced).