Safe sailing

Belgium is working hard on the transition to sustainable energy, with offshore wind energy as one of the leading forces. Our North Sea provides an ideal environment for the development of offshore wind farms, which make an important contribution to our country's energy needs while at the same time underlining our commitment to a greener future.

Sailing to the Belgian offshore wind farms on the North Sea is an adventure of both challenge and wonder, but above all it must be safe for everyone.

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Unauthorized intrusions refer to the unauthorized access of a vessel to offshore wind farms where the vessel does not have the appropriate permission or authority, thereby endangering the safety and integrity of the offshore wind farms.

Why are unauthorized intrusions a problem?

Entering offshore wind farms without permission poses a serious threat to several aspects:

  • Safety: Unauthorized vessels can pose a direct risk to the safety of wind farm infrastructure, as well as to those causing the intrusion.
  • Operational disruption: Unplanned activities at wind farms can lead to disruptions in normal operations, resulting in disruption of productivity and potential damage to infrastructure above and below water.


Safety distances

You can find all information about, among other things, the safety distances for wind farms on the Belgian North Sea on the website of the Federal Public Service Mobility and Transport.

If you stay 500m outside the boundaries of the unified energy zone, you can sail past the wind farms. Equally impressive and 100% safe!

Wind farms are a closed zone. This area is declared by Notices to Mariners: Ntm 2022 - No. 04 - Notices 109 - 113.


The wind farms are equipped with nautical equipment such as radar, VHF and AIS to monitor the passage. The Belgian Coast Guard checks compliance with these rules and coordinates assistance where necessary.

Violations of the safety zone of wind farms can lead to administrative prosecution, with the fine for a serious and long-term violation reaching 10,000 euros and more.


In the event of an accident or emergency at sea, the MRCC (Maritime Rescue and Coordination Center) comes into action. The MRCC helps ships in distress, drowning people, pleasure boats that get into trouble and coordinates the emergency services.

First aid in case of accidents at sea: MRCC north number +32 (0) 59 70 10 00 - VHF channel 16 / channel 67.