How much electricity do the offshore wind farms produce today?

* A: First fully developed offshore wind zone in Belgium (2.2 GW)

* B: Second offshore wind energy zone, the Princess Elisabeth Zone, where up to 3.5GW of offshore wind turbines are expected to be installed

Current capacity
1728MW - 76.38%

Last update: 27/05/2024 - 01:15

Production right now
  • Current capacity: 1728MW
  • 76.38 % of full capacity

Last update: 27/05/2024 - 01:15

Production last week
  • Offshore wind production: 100GWh
  • Consumptie gezinnen: 28571*
  • Numbers in Europe: WindEurope

(*) Number of households whose total annual consumption was covered by offshore wind production during the last 7 days

Last update 27/05/2024 - 01:15

Capacity factor past years
Monthly production and capacity since 2017
Share of offshore wind in Belgian electricity demand

A word of explanation

Belgian offshore wind farms produce electricity more than 90% of the time: the wind turbines turn from a light breeze (2 Beaufort) to a violent storm (11 Beaufort). More than 40% of the wind turbines can continue to produce during heavy storms.

The charts above show the monthly capacity factor over the last two years, as well as the installed capacity and monthly offshore production since 2017.

  • The installed capacity is the sum of the rated capacity of each wind turbine, expressed in megawatts (MW).
  • The monthly production is the sum of monthly electricity production of all wind farms as measured at the connection point to the grid, expressed in megawatt hours (MWh).
  • The capacity factor is the measured monthly production (in MWh) divided by the maximum monthly production; the maximum monthly production is the installed production capacity (in MW) multiplied by the number of hours in the month.

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