European wind energy target for 2030 is within reach


WindEurope’s recent report highlights significant strides in Europe’s wind energy sector, with a record 16.2 GW of new onshore and offshore capacity installed in 2023. Despite this progress, challenges persist, particularly in the timely expansion of Europe’s electricity grids. However, with political support evident in the endorsement of the EU’s Wind Power Package and commitments outlined in the European Wind Charter, there’s optimism for meeting the 2030 wind energy target.

Looking ahead, WindEurope forecasts an annual installation of 29 GW of wind capacity from 2024 to 2030, bringing the EU closer to its climate and energy targets. Offshore wind is expected to gain traction towards the end of the decade, with new offshore installations nearly matching onshore installations by 2030. Despite improvements in permitting and investments, addressing grid infrastructure remains crucial to sustaining growth in wind energy and achieving Europe’s renewable energy ambitions.

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