Offshore wind sector is ready for the winter


With an installed and operational capacity of 712 MW, the Belgian offshore wind sector already guarantees a significant part of Belgium’s security of electricity supply.

During the past few weeks, it has once again become clear just how important it is for Belgium that the country’s local production capacity should be further developed, so that this security of supply can continue to be ensured, both in the short and long term.

The allocation of zones as foreseen in the maritime spatial plan for the Belgian part of the North Sea for the use of offshore wind will make a significant contribution to increased production, which will make Belgium less dependent on energy from other sources.

With the realization of five additional wind parks – Norther, Seastar, Rentel, Mermaid and Northwester 2 – the total installed capacity of the wind turbines on the North Sea will increase to more than 2,200 MW by 2020. This will meet no less than 10% of Belgium’s total requirement for electricity or almost 50% of the country’s household consumption.

For Jean de Leu, chairman of the Belgian Offshore Platform, it is “clear that offshore wind energy, generated from both existing and future parks, is indispensible for the security of supply of Belgium.” However, the chairman also pointed out that “in order to be able to deliver this security of supply, a stable investment climate and the rapid realization of additional connection capacity on the Belgian electricity net are of crucial importance for the sector.”