New record for the production of wind powered electricity in Belgium


This afternoon the Belgian record for the production of electricity by wind power was broken. Grid operator ELIA recorded a production level of 1,200 MW. With a take-up of 9,900 MW, this means that electricity generated by wind power was this afternoon responsible for meeting 13% of Belgium’s total consumption. In Belgium some 1,549.5 MW of wind energy is currently installed:

  • 491 MW in the Belgian North Sea (C-Power: 325 MW, Belwind: 165 MW)
  • 456 MW in Flanders
  • 602.5 MW in Wallonia

On average, wind energy now meets roughly 10% of Belgium’s daily electricity needs. Its growing share in overall electricity production shows that on top wind days, wind energy can make a significant contribution to the electricity mix, without this forming a problem for the national grid. What’s more, wind energy offers a local and environmentally friendly method of production, with no dangerous waste and no CO2 emission.